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Exams Owl, our new support page for candidates, teachers and schools

Over the coming months you will start to see this icon accompanying some of the links and sections of our webpage. When you see the Exams Owl icon, you will know that you are in an area dedicated to supporting candidates, teachers or Preparation Centres in their preparation for the Cambridge Assessment English exams.

Exams Owl is the name we have devised to head our support pages – the owl is traditionally associated with wisdom and thus a perfect mascot for those seeking to improve themselves by taking a Cambridge Assessment English exam at one of our centres.

We hope you enjoy the Exams Owl pages and return often to find out what’s new!

Welcome to ‘Voices in ELT’ – the 6th annual ELT conference organised by Exams Catalunya in Barcelona - Saturday, 17th November 2018

As in past years, we have planned a varied and stimulating range of plenary talks and workshops as well as a lively and interactive panel discussion to contribute to your professional development and boost your motivation.

At past conferences something that has struck us is the breadth of topics that most ELT teachers have to keep abreast of in order to do their jobs well. Teachers are often required to adopt different ‘voices’ over the course of their careers: teacher; learner; manager; coach; organizer; assessor; advisor; – just to name a few!

We also felt that the idea of ‘voices’ would help us as an organizational tool to allow participants to plan their conference choices according to the ‘voices’ that were of most interest to them. For this reason, you will find this year’s workshops assigned to one of four categories. Feel plan your day according to the areas you are most interested in or ensure that you have a varied day by selecting from different categories.

Click here to visit the 6th ELT Conference webpage...